10 Advantages of WEARING your Baby

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When I was pregnant with my second, I researched and researched all the double stroller options. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I would get a wrap or a sling. My 2.5 year old prefers to walk…no…RUN everywhere! So, I decided i would not spend the money on a double stroller. Instead, I would wear my baby when possible and have the stroller just in case my 2 year old wanted a break, or if I needed a break from “wearing” my baby! So far I am SO glad I decided to do this! I wear my baby EVERYWHERE! I started out with the Boba Wrap and absolutely LOVE It! Once I figured out how to tie it, it was a dream! I was recently given the Mamaway Ring Sling to try out and I am really liking it!! When I am around the house doing chores or moving around a lot i prefer the wrap. But when I am wearing my baby out at the park or on a walk the ring sling is quick and easy! Check out all these advantages of wearing your little babe! (Other than the fact that it is a dream to snuggle your baby all day!!)

Babies who are in a sling or wrap cry less

Mom’s who wear their babies have reported less crying. While babies are in a sling or wrap they reach the fast asleep state more easily due to the relaxing nature, therefore they cry less and get good rest. I

Smarter Babies

Babies spend more time in a “quiet, alert state” when carried. This is the ideal state for learning. (Also, when they aren’t spending their time crying- they are learning!) When you carry your baby, he/she sees the world from where you do instead of a ceiling above the crib or people’s knees and lower bodies from a stroller. This extra stimulation benefits brain development. Quiet alertness also gives parents more opportunities to interact with their babies.

Environmental experiences stimulate nerves to branch out and connect with other nerves. This helps the brain grow and develop. Baby wearing helps infants make correct connections. By being intimately involved in their caregivers world, they are explodes to environmental stimuli and get to participate in ways they wouldn’t otherwise.

Higher Language Development 

Baby wearing allows the baby to see what the caregiver sees, hear what they hear and feel what they feel. Carried babies become more aware of facial expressions, body language, voice inflections and tones, breathing patterns and emotions of the carrier.

Strong Bonds

Baby carriers are a way for care givers other than Mom to create strong bonds. Allowing a new Dad to carry the baby in a sling helps the baby become familiar with Dad’s voice, heartbeat, smell ,movements and expressions. This is also true for grandparents and other care givers.

Holding a baby in a sling allows for a parent to become attuned to they movements and gestures as well as facial expressions. This cycle of positive interaction depends the attachment between a parent and child.

Emotional Development

Babies are able to develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried by their care giver. As expressed above, holding a baby in a sling helps parents become better attuned to the baby’s needs. Each time a baby gets their needs met without intense crying their trust and confidence is increased, learning is enhanced and parents confidence is enhanced.

Healthy Babies

Babies who are born premature or babies with special needs often have fragile nervous systems, When a baby is in a sling attached to mom (or other caregiver) he is in tune with the rhythm of her heart beat, breathing, movements such as walking, bending and reaching. This stimulation helps the baby regulate their own physical responses.

Research even shows that premature babies who are touched and held gain weight faster and are healthier than those babies who are not.

Helps with  baby’s physical development

Again, when a baby is in a sling, they are intone with the rhythm of the carrier. (Heartbeat, movements, walking, bending, reaching) This stimulation helps baby to regulate their own physical responses and helps exercise their vestibular system which controls baby’s balance.


If you are out in a public place, it can be safer to carry your baby. This will keep your baby out of crowds and the danger of getting lost, misplaced or taken. It can also keep germs at bay when in a crowded area with lost of nasty germs roaming around.

Eases Strain on parent’s Back 

Carrying a baby (PROPERLY) in a sling eases strain on your back. It is also known to ease strain on the babies spine. It can also increase core strength in the carrier! Going on brisk walks with your baby can be a great exercise!

Confidence for Parents

Research has shown that Mother’s who are at risk for postpartum depression benefit greatly from wearing their babies. The bond is enhanced, and parents are given confidence through learning their babies needs more quickly.

Not only do slings do all these things for babies, but they are EXTREMELY convenient! If you have another child running around, it can be a huge help to have both of your hands! It is also a great way to put a fussy baby to sleep on a rough day! So carry those babies around! And don’t worry about spoiling them!!! They are only little for so long!!!



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