20 Things I learned after having a SON

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When I got pregnant people would always ask me if I wanted a boy or a girl. Because it took us so long to get pregnant (read that story here) I never really cared if it was a boy or a girl. I just wanted a happy, healthy baby! And I was just BEYOND excited that I was actually able to have a baby! A baby of our very own! But the look on my husband’s face when we found out we were having a boy…seriously priceless. I have never seen him so happy! And now that I have a boy I would love to have 10! They are SO much fun! Here are a few things I have learned about having a boy….


  1. Dirt is inevitable
  2. Bugs are now considered fun
  3. You WILL get peed on. End of story.
  4. Private parts are way too exciting
  5. Boys are fun to dress and to shop for- don’t let anyone tell you differently!
  6. Boys can be dramatic too.
  7. Boys smell. Even the little ones.
  8. They will find their pee pees…..and when they do, they will never forget where to find them.
  9. The energy never ends (Think Energizer Bunny).
  10.  If there is a mess to be made….it will be found
  11. Boys have never ending hungry bellies.
  12. Wrestling, fighting and karate chopping are daily activities.
  13. Boys are sensitive, sweet and loving. (They give some of the BEST kisses too).
  14. You can never have enough balls, cars, trucks, tractors….or basically anything that has wheels or rolls.
  15. Running around naked is awesome (Not for mom-for baby….okay maybe for moms too)
  16. You need an endless supply of clorox wipes and/or baby wipes
  17. Bodily Functions are hilarious.
  18. Boys are FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!
  19. There will always be a bruise,bump,scrape or cut somewhere on their bodies.
  20. There is nothing in the world more special than your sweet baby boy smiling up at you while holding your hand.



If you are a Mom of a boy…Do you agree? Disagree? What else would you add to the list? Moms of girls….what would your list look like?

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26 thoughts on “20 Things I learned after having a SON

  1. Sara says:

    I have three girls and most of your list applies to them too! My husband freaked out when he found out we were having twin girls, he said he had no idea what to do with girls. When #3 was a girl too he just said bring it on! LOL

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Sara, That is too funny! I think my husband would faint and die if we had twin girls! Ha! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hehe great post, made me giggle! I have a daughter and step daughter, would love to have a boy one day, my poor hubby needs another male around the house 🙂 x

  3. samantha ramos says:

    I agree, my first was a boy and he is so much fun! You are right, boys do have endless amounts of energy. My boy is 7 and that energy isn’t going anywhere. It is hard to keep up with his energy with a newborn too.

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Sabrina, That’s funny! Not having a girl, i always wonder if it is going to be much different one day! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Carlyn Bullock says:

    Hi Alexandra –

    I loved reading this post – as the mom of two boys now 18 and 22 I had to giggle – you are 100% right.

    I would add only one small thing – They break a LOT of your ‘stuff’ as they grow up no matter how hard you work to protect your valuables. It’s just ‘stuff’ though, they are way more precious!

    With a smile from #OffTheSidewalk in Tampa, FL – Carlyn 🙂

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Caryln, I just laughed out loud! At 19 months i am already discovering that! How true! haha, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Sonia says:

    This is a great list. I have 2 boys and this list is on the mark. Two boys have an endless amount of energy. They will keep you going all day long and hopefully you’ll have enough energy and support, to keep up them. Plus the noise level in your house goes up with boys. Bottom line, though is that it’s all good!

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