5 Nursing Mama Must Haves

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nursing mama cover

Nursing has always been a little bit of a challenge for me. It hasn’t come easily with either of my boys. But, it is something I love and am passionate about! I don’t know if nursing is just something that comes easy for anyone…..if it comes extremely easy for you then just know that I am JEALOUS!

Even if nursing isn’t easy for you, or if you only plan on doing it for a short while, there are some awesome things that can make your nursing life a lot more enjoyable! If you decide to not nurse, or nursing doesn’t work out for you…ITS OKAY!!!!!!! Breast is Best  FED IS BEST!!!! 

Heavy Duty Nipple Cream


Okay, I don’t care who you are or how great your baby is at latching, you are going to have sore nipples for the first couple of weeks. People will tell you that you are sore because your baby isn’t latched correctly. Not entirely true! It will hurt no matter what for a bit! If you bleed, crack, or continue to have extreme pain see a lactation specialist! However, for the first few weeks, every time your baby latches for the first few seconds you are going to want to die. Don’t worry!! This will go away!!! And with a generous helping of Lanolin nipple cream it will ease up sooner! Keep those puppies greased up!! But, make sure you are using approved products since your baby may be getting some in their mouths at feedings. I recommend Lansinoh Nipple Cream! Works like a dream! 

Nursing Pads


Now, I can’t give you much advice as far as nursing pads go. With my first I bought a whole bunch and even brought them to the hospital. Buuuut….I have never leaked a day in my life (Sorry…TMI?) So I gave them to a friend and never looked back! But, most women swear by them and can’t live with out them! So, they are on the must have list! You can purchase Disposable Nursing Pads, or you can get reusable ones that you just throw in the washer! Totally up do you. But, this is definitely something you are going to want in your nursing arsenal.

Nursing Cover


Ok I’m a twitchy bit nervous to be suggesting this….with all the madness going on about not needing to cover up while nursing, this could be a touchy subject! But, PERSONALLY I don’t mind nursing in public as long as I am covered up! Like I said, I am not the best at nursing…So trying to nurse…while uncovered…in public….would be nothing but a huge peep show. So, covering up is important to me. I was asked by Nowborn to try out their awesome, breathable nursing cover! I Loved this cover for a few reasons! It is super light weight and breathable. Since it is made out of 100% organic cotton, I didn’t have to worry that my baby was getting super hot or smothered under the cover while I nurse. I also stayed nice and cool while nursing which made it much more enjoyable.  It comes in tons of cute colors and patterns and comes with a  matching carrying bag! I hate stuffing a nursing cover in my bag, so having a nice little bag it fit in made a huge difference! Personally I prefer a nursing poncho like these Adorology nursing covers and car seat covers that go all the way over my head and around my back.  (Plus they come with adorable bibs!!!!) They are super high quality, don’t stretch out too bad and are nice and breathable for the summer. But, like I said i struggle with nursing so this just makes it easier for me!




A good, double electric breast pump. 


Whether you decide to exclusively breast feed, exclusively pump, pump and breast feed, or breast feed while supplementing with formula you are going to want a pump! There are going to be days that you feel like you are going to die from being engorged and need some relief. (Pumping frequently will cause your milk supply to increase. Keep this in mind when you are pumping for relief) If you are a working and nursing Mama, a pump will be your absolute best friend!!! So makes sure you have a good breast pump that you love!  Before you jump up and go buy a huge fancy pump, check with your insurance! Most insurances these days will provide one pump for every live birth! They will have certain pumps you can pick from or maybe just one. But for the most part they will provide a pretty great pump! My insurance provides the Ameda Purely Yours, double electric and I have really loved it. I also own a Madela and love that just as much!  Both of my sons have refused to nurse after about 4 months so a pump has been a life saver for me! (I have a serious Love/Hate relationship with my pumps!!!;))

Milk Storage Bags


There is nothing more tragic in the nursing world as having to dump out beautiful liquid gold (aka breast milk). I was told to use the rule of 5 when it comes to storing and using expressed milk. After pumping milk can be:

On the counter at room temperature for: 5 Hours
In the Fridge: 5 Days
In the Freezer: 5 Weeks
In the Back of the freezer or a Deep Freeze: 5 Months

By using Milk Storage bags you can easily freeze them and not take up much room in your fridge/freezer! They are double sealed so they won’t spill and won’t get freezer burned! Make sure to follow the rules of breast milk storage to keep your baby healthy and happy!

And most importantly when it comes to nursing…. IF IT DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU…….ITS OKAY!!!!!!! 


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