How to use the Zipadeezip + Miracle Product GIVEAWAY!!!

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Photo Credit: Lasting Memories Photography

Both of my boys HAD to be swaddled if there was any chance of them going to sleep! If they weren’t swaddled they would either stay awake and just stare/mess around or they would smack themselves all night long and wake themselves up! With my first, we could NOT figure out how to get him to transition out of a swaddle! We started with the swaddle blankets, then moved to the velcro swaddles…then we double swaddled….then we safety pinned. Yes…Safety pinned. (Stop judging we were desperate!) And don’t worry- we used to those HUGE baby diaper safety pins. Once he started busting out of that we had deemed ourselves doomed and prepared for sleepless nights for the rest of forever. blog-untitled-export-0064-2

Photo Credit: Lasting Memories Photography

Thats when we came across the ZipadeeZip transition slumber sack. LIFE CHANGING MOMENT!!! To read the whole story of our discovery go here. The zippy is easy to use, cute, comfortable and everything you have ever dreamed of!! I could talk about it all day! To read more about click the links above! You will not regret it! So I have two bits of INCREDIBLE news for you today! ONE: The creator of the Zipadeezip has given some amazing instructions on how to transition your baby seamlessly from the swaddle to the Zippy! And I get to share those instructions with you today! and….drum roll..dum dum dum……. TWO: WE ARE GIVING AWAY A ZIPADEEZIP!!!!! Yep you heard me! A free zippy for one of you beautiful humans! Go to the bottom of the post to enter!!! zippy1

Photo Credit: Lasting Memories Photography

So what is the best way to use these puppies?? Here you go..straight from the creator herself! How to transition your babe!!

  • Make sure your little one is READY to move to the Zipadee-Zip! The most immediate transitions happen when a baby shows signs they are ready. Pushing a transition too early can result in a longer than necessary transition process.

A good sign to look for is when a baby starts waking multiple times WHILE swaddled acting as if they are no longer comfortable in the swaddle or they start rolling from back to front in their sleep. There are other reasons totally unrelated to the swaddle transition that can cause wakings though, so try to identify what those reasons could be. The 4 month sleep regression, the 45 minute intruder, a growth spurt, teething, learning to master the roll etc. are all reasons babies tend to wake prematurely. Many of those reasons are just phases. The Zipadee-Zip can definitely help with a lot of them though but the most important thing is listening to your little one and doing your best to determine what those sleep issues might be. Also, some little ones may need a little time to get used to a new sleeping environment so don’t give up after the first few tries! If your little one needs practice learning to eat with a spoon or hold a bottle, they may also need a little practice getting used to the Zippy! Consistency and routine are key when teaching a baby a new way of doing anything! It’s so easy as a mom to compare to everyone else but every baby is different and takes to things differently and there is nothing wrong with that! zippy2

Photo Credit: Lasting Memories Photography

  • Make sure the fit is right! The best fit is when there is resistance in the arm span so a baby has to push on the fabric slightly to extend their arms fully. That is what gives a baby that feeling of security to help with soothing. If you feel like there is too much room in the fit, you could always try shortening the wing-span by tying off the tips a bit or waiting until your little one grows into it a bit more!
  • Try nap times first! Although some little ones prefer to make the transition at night first, it’s usually helpful to make the move during naps first since it’s a shorter time frame!

So there you have it! How easy is that!? Seriously my saving grace and most favorite Mom product! Now…for the fun part! THE GIVEAWAY!!! winzippy

Photo Credit: Lasting Memories Photography

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One thought on “How to use the Zipadeezip + Miracle Product GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Colleen says:

    Hello! I bought a zipadee zip when my son was first born since he never liked to be swaddled. We have used it a few times but don’t see a huge difference between the zippy and a regular sleep sack. He wakes up about 1-2 times every night regardless of what he is in. He is going to be 4 months in one week. I am thinking he needs to get used to the zippy and over time he will learn to love it. Right now, we go back and forth about every 4 days between the zippy and the sleep sack since I need to wash them. Thoughts?

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