Keep your House Clean while Living with a Busy Toddler

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Keeping your house clean is a full time job….ESPECIALLY if you have toddlers! The toy explosion can seem like a never ending, daunting task to keep under control. With a few quick changes and a little added fun, cleaning can become a fun activity for you and your busy toddler!

Let’s be honest, my house is hardly ever 100% tidy..unless my little monsters are asleep, of course! But, I try my hardest to keep it CLEAN. Your home, even if you clean daily is a germ fest! It is so important to keep your home as clean and sanitary as possible. Keeping your home clean and sanitary is extremely important when you have little ones around. Your bathroom and kitchen are the germiest places in your house! But, with all those toddler and kid germs going around, your play room and kid’s rooms can be quite the germ gathering as well.  With babies mouthing toys and toddlers basically being germ factories, keeping your house clean is the easiest way to keep your family healthy and illness free.

So lets chat about how to keep your house clean with toddlers!


Photo credit: Lasting Memories Photography

Involve your kids

Even tiny tots can have chores to help around the house! Involving your kids not only keeps them busy while you clean, but it teaches good practice and helps you by getting a little of the work done! Sometimes you may feel like your children are  more trouble than it’s worth during cleaning….but, in the long run it is well worth it! So, what chores your toddler can do? There are SO many things your toddler can do to help you out the list is seriously endless! But just to name a few,

  • Pick up toys and books
  • Collect dirty laundry around the house
  • Help feed, brush and/or walk the family pet
  • Wipe up small messes
  • Clean door knobs, light switches etc….
  • Wipe mirrors and glass. Try using these Microfiber window and glass cleaners! No chemicals, water or mess!!! And we are giving a package away to two lucky winners! Or, get 10% off using the code momsbag1!!!
  • Dusting (Stick your little human’s hand in a sock and dust away!!!!)
  • Helping carry and put away laundry
  • Help set the table
  • Make/straighten their bed
  • Pick up and/or empty trash
  • And TONS of other things! Get creative!

Always avoid chemicals and messy cleaning products while cleaning with your toddler! If your little one wants to clean with you, simply give them a spray bottle filled with water and a rag

Use a timer

When you say “cleaning” to a child it is most commonly associated with hard work, boring, no fun and BLAH! A few minutes cleaning may seem like an hour. If you use a timer, there is a visual reminder to your child that the whole day is not going to be spent cleaning. Once the timer is up, be done! Dedicate your time to your child after you are done doing chores to show them there is fun that follows chores. You can also try to use a reward system or sticker chart for a job well done!

Get your child some cleaning supplies

Toddlers LOVE being helpful and they LOVE feeling like big kids! By getting a few cleaning supplies dedicated to your child they can feel like they are really a part of the cleaning process. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of cleaning toys etc… You can simply fill a spray bottle with water, give them a rag like yours, let them use a baby wipe while you are using cleaning wipes etc…. The dollar store is a great option for getting brooms, dustpans, and other items for a great price!


Find and use products you LOVE

Finding cleaning supplies that make your life simpler can make all the difference in cleaning. Lately I have been totally loving these Microfiber Window and Mirror cleaning rags. First, I love them because they do the job! You don’t have to haul around Windex and/or glass cleaner to get finger prints off of your mirrors, windows and appliances. (If you have toddlers you know–fingerprints are inevitable!) These do the trick to clean those off! Second, I love them because my toddler loves them! He is constantly wiping things down all day with his rag! He love cleaning windows and seeing the results! Plus I love these because we are giving away one set to TWO lucky winners! Not to mention we have an exclusive coupon for 10% off your order!!! Use momsbag1 to take advantage of this deal! (Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a free set of rags!)

Whistle While you Work

Ok, so you don’t have to literally whistle while you work! But, it is definitely more fun to make up songs,dances and other silly things during cleaning. Or hook up to some Pandora and blast Disney radio or whatever your kids love to listen to! Turning your cleaning into a dance party makes it fun for everyone!


Photo credit: Lasting Memories Photography

Use collection baskets

Keep a small basket at the bottom/ top of the stairs while you are cleaning. When you grab something that needs to go up or down toss it in the basket . When the time comes to move to the next floor, take it all with you! You won’t be wasting time running up and down the stairs a million times  if you have the space available you could create a small basket for each family member. As you find things around the house toss them in the individual’s basket and make it their responsibility to put it away.


Start in the front room and work your way back

If you start cleaning in the front room first, you will be more prepared for company if someone is to drop by. Work your way to the back or the unseen areas of the house.  This is a quick and easy way to make your home feel cleaner in a jiffy.

Teach good practices early on


Photo credit: Lasting Memories Photography

Teaching your kids how to clean early on will save a huge head ache later. Have your kids do some of the following from and early age and you will thank yourself later: (these include toddlers!)

  • Put dishes directly in the dishwasher after eating
  • clean their eating spot after eating (wipe down and push in chair)
  • clean up a game or activity prior to moving on to the next
  • teach them that everything has a home and needs to be put back after using.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Make your bed immediately after getting out
  • Put the lid on the toothpaste


Try using a chore chart

I am all about positive reinforcement and rewards. In our house we love sticker and pennies! After a job well done congratulate, thank and reward your child. Whether the reward is a sticker, a high five, or a simple hug. Show your child that you appreciate their hard work! Pinterest has tons of great printables and ideas for chore charts and reward charts!!


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