The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway! (You Do NOT want to miss this!)

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I am excited to be collaborating with TEN amazing, talented Bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Mother’s Day Favorite Things Giveaway! 10 Bloggers, $100’s in prizes! You do NOT want to miss this!! Entering is easy! And you have multiple chances to have your entered! 

Simply complete the “Rafflecopter” below for TONS of chances to get your name entered! Its Simple, easy and quick!!! Keep reading below to see all the amazing prizes and where they came from!!!!!

I’ve collected some of the cutest, most fun prizes to honor you amazing Moms out there! Check out these prizes and where they came from! 


Hello Gorgeous Mugs from Shoop Design


Cute home decor from Burlap and Lace

healing oil

Healing Hair Mask from Revive Salon and Spa


Adorable Custom wallet from Casanee’s


Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and Eye Liner from FabulashbyTandie


Mom and Me Headwrap PLUS 2 bonus Mom Head Wraps from LemonBerry Designs


Super Mom Key Chain from Tammie’s Treasures


Spring Time Chalkboard from Staycee Jayy Designs


It works Body Wrap from Lindee Dorsey


The latest and greatest Ruler from Draw Clear

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing blogs to enter their giveaways too!!!!

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            94 thoughts on “The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway! (You Do NOT want to miss this!)

            1. Autum says:

              A clean house and some quiet! Not much but it means a lot to a mother that is on the constant go with her munchkins. 🙂

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Love it! I would definitely like a clean house for mother’s day! Maybe for my house to stay clean for one whole day ;). Thanks for entering xoox

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                What a fun idea!!! I would love an apricot tree if i had somewhere to plant it!!!! Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Love it! I could actually totally agree! I can always use a little chocolate! And my camera bag is looking pretty sad! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoxo

            2. Peyton Lynn says:

              WOW… What an amazing giveaway!!! I would LOVE to have the whole day, interruption free with my family. Time is growing by too quickly and I want to spend all the time possible with my hubby and babies. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity <3

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Peyton, i could not agree more! A whole day with the fam would be incredible! I would say no interruptions and no pressures to do anything else! (cleaning, cooking etc…) Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Me too Amanda!!!! I LOVE flowers anytime of year! Especially Mother’s Day! I love having fresh flowers around the house at Spring Time! Thanks for entering xoxo

            3. Rachel Ream says:

              I love chocolate, and a nice meal, and all the pictures and notes my kids do for me, but quite honestly if I could just get some decent behaved children and a quiet peaceful house that day I would be HAPPY!

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Haha i love it Rachel! Could not agree more! Just a quiet hose for even a few hours would be ideal right? I think we can all say amen to that one! 🙂 Thanks for entering xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That’s a great one Donna! I hope you can have all your kids home or near by!!! 🙂 Thanks for entering xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Me Too!!!!! There needs to be a big Mother’s Day party for the men to go to where they can take the kids so Mom’s can REST!!! Thanks for entering! 🙂 xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                We got flowers for my mom’s garden every year for her for mothers day! So i feel like it isn’t Mother’s Day without the plants! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoxo

            4. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim says:

              I would love a trip to San Diego with my family for the weekend. I tried to leave a comment on a few of the other contests but they had a horrendous picture capture that I couldn’t manage. I gave up after four error messages. Also, the Home Crafts by Alli link doesn’t work.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Sorry for your trouble!!! I will have to see what is going on with that!!! Thanks for letting me know. I would LOVE a trip to San Diego..or anywhere warm to be honest! Thanks for entering and for pointing out those errors. We’ll get on that! xoxo

            5. Tammie Underwood says:

              It seems kind of unfair to get a gift for having the best job ever (being a mom) but oh I love long lashes 🙂
              Thank you!

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                What a sweet comment Tammie! I couldn’t agree more!!! (PS lashes are the best Mom give I have ever given myself! 😉 )

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Haha!!! Keep Tagging friends everyday and you can enter once a day! 🙂 Good luck! Thanks for entering! xoxo

            6. Lori Whicker says:

              Seriously, the best Mother’s Day would be where my husband did everything that I normally do – wake up early with the baby, daily chores around the house, make the meals, take out the dog etc. etc.

            7. Shanna Uptergrove says:

              I’d really LOVE a visit with my nephew Jaxon. His caretaker got really greedy and selfish and decided to take custody of him, I don’t get to see him for another month or two 🙁

            8. Catherine Wooster says:

              To spend it with my mom,both my grandmother’s,and both my daughter’s…all 4 generations together for the day!

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That would be amazing! What an incredible opportunity that would be!! If it happens make sure and send us a picture! Thanks for entering! Xoox

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Aren’t those the best Colleen? They often times mean the most! I love home made cards! Thanks for entering xoxo

            9. Samantha says:

              I love when I get handmade gifts on Mother’s Day from my kids….craft, bead necklaces, mugs and especially the handmade cards.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                I absolutely LOVE homemade stuff! I am right there with you on all you said Samantha! Thanks for entering! Xoxo

            10. Christy says:

              The best gift would be a day off…. All the things I do on a daily basis from kids to cooking, to house would all be taken care of by the hubs.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Oooh, that sounds so nice Christy! I would love that too!!! I hope you get it! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoxo

            11. Lori Daley says:

              This is one of the best giveaways ever! Thank you so much for this chance! I love the prizes and am taking notes on the items and where they came from for shopping later. I am a new empty nester but could put everything to very good use. I live my life now farming so my animals are my children so I could use some pampering. I think the quote by Dr Suess is one of my favorites! Thank you again.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                I am so excited that you are excited about the prizes! They are all from incredible places that have such reasonable prices!!!! Every woman could definitely use some pampering! 🙂 We will be having another pampering giveaway coming up next week! So be sure to sign up for e-mail newsletters so you know right away when to enter! Its going to be pretty good!!!! 🙂 Thanks for entering! Good luck! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That sounds great to me! I would LOVE my house to be cleaned….and stay cleaned! 😉 Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Thanks Sydney 🙂 I am really excited about this giveaway! That sounds like exactly what I want too! Most of the time when I get to sleep in I lay in bed thinking about all the fun my husband and baby are having and can hardly sleep in anyway 🙂 Thanks for entering xoxo

            12. Ginni says:

              I would love to sleep in, take a long, hot, uninterrupted bath, get a back rub, and spend the whole day with my beautiful family

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Aren’t they fun rose!? I’m really excited about this giveaway!! Thanks for entering!! Good luck! Xoxo

            13. Stacia Simonsen says:

              Some flowers to plant in my hanging baskets is kind of a Mother’s Day tradition gift for me here, which I love.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That’s awesome!! We bought my mom flowers every year to plant In her garden every year as our tradition. And we still do! Thanks for entering! Xoxo

            14. Stacee J says:

              I love handmade stuff and would love to check out things from other small businesses! Although all I really need for Mother’s Day is to snuggle my two baby girls :]

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That sounds pretty ideal to me! I would love to just kick back and snuggle! Thanks for participating Stacee! And thanks for entering!

            15. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

              All I want for Mother’s Day is for my family to all be together and spend the day together. Since my kids are older, those days are few and far between.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                That sounds like that would be a great gift!! I hope you get to see all your kids for Mother’s Day!!! Thank you so much for entering. xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Confession- I LOVE eating out! I think going out on a dinner date is one of the funnest dates! 🙂 I hope you get to go out to eat!!! Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                I couldn’t agree more Callie!!! Mom’s totally need to be celebrated! And that sounds Divine! I would LOVE a good nights sleep also! Thank you for entering! miss you girl! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Thats a great idea! I have never thought of that one! I would love for my rings to be clean all the time! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoxo

            16. Camille Hunt says:

              I really love your new blog, its always great to read new tips. For Mothers Day, I just want to relax with my family. Thanks for the great giveaway.

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Thanks Camille!!!! I hope you are doing well! I miss you! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! I think that sounds perfect. I would love to take a little relaxation time as well! Thanks for entering xoxo

            17. Susana says:

              Something I would love for Mother’s Day is a clean house (that doesn’t require my help to clean) and some peace and quiet. I would never complain about going out and getting pampered!

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Susana I am right there with ya!! I would LOVE for my house to be cleaned no help from me…and for it to stay clean! 🙂 I don’t think any of us would complain about a little pampering 🙂 Thank you for reading hope you are doing well! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                ooh! I love it, Robin! I would love a really nice new blender….and some awesome recipes to go with it! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoox

            18. Paula says:

              I’d love to just get a day off for Mother’s Day!! Sleep in, no cooking or cleaning…it would be awesome! 🙂

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                I am right there with ya Paula! Especially sleeping in!!! I LOVE sleeping in! 🙂 Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Oh i could totally enjoy a day at the beach with the family for Mother’s Day! Can’t think of anything more relaxing! Thanks for entering! xoxo

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                Oooh sounds like a good Husband to me! 🙂 Yumm i hope I get some chocolate too! Cannot go wrong there! Thanks for entering xoox

            19. Heather Mann says:

              I would love a family getaway for mother’s day. Soon our time together will be very limited. Wanna enjoy it while we can 🙂

              • Momsbagoftricks says:

                I think that would be amazing, Heather! I would love a getaway as well! I hope you get your time with your family! Thanks for entering! Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

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