TIE DYE Patriotic Shoes [Using S.E.I Tumble Dye]

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Can I just tell you that I have a new found love affair for S.E.I. Tumble Dye??? It is INCREDIBLE! Anytime I see anything white or plain looking I immediately think…Hm…I wonder if I could Dye that! (The answer is normally YES!) It is so much fun!

product closeup

(All products used for this tutorial were sponsored by S.E.I. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.) 

 I had a BLAST using Tumble Dye for these awesome and SUPER simple Tie Dye patriotic shoes. The other day while working on my Stars and Stripes DIY 4th of July Shoes, my good friend Krista, said, “Those need glitter”. Um, does everything not need glitter? YES! She then proceeded to tell me all about S.E.I’s GLITTER tumble Dye. You can dye pretty much ANYTHING to make it glittery! (And of course any color you want). K Seriously, anything Glitter? SOLD!!!!!  Let me tell you a tad bit about why I LOVE S.E.I. Tumble Dye so much. (Other than the fact that they have a GLITTER line! aaaaah!)

tumble dye

  • Tumble  Dye makes all of your tie dyeing projects
    easy and fun! You can apply it directly on to fabric, paper, clothes etc… to create your own
    personalized T-shirts, pillow cases, bags, shoes etc….
  • Tumble Dye is Absolutely Non-toxic!! There are NO dangerous or harsh chemicals. Making it SUPER great for kids to us!!
  • Tumble Dye is pre-mixed and ready to go! You don’t need rubber gloves, salts, any extra water or anything! (Before or AFTER use!)
  • It is permanent! All you have to do is heat set in the dryer, clothes iron, or hair dryer and poof! the Color stays
  • It is water based (provides quick and easy clean up)
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Like I said earlier, it is great for kids! ( Especially camps, youth groups, schools, family reunions, etc…)
  • S.E.I tumble dyes are packaged in small, easy to use spray bottles. Making it a great activity to boost fine motor skills!

Are you in Love?? You should be! Now for the fun part! Here is the quick and easy tutorial on how to make these awesome, glitter, patriotic 4th of July Shoes! It is such a fun outside activity for you and your kids! I did it straight on the grass and it worked out great!

white shoes

Start with your plain white canvas shoes. I bought these ones at Walmart for $5.85! You can also find lots of different options on Amazon. I use the S.E.I tumble dye “Patriotic Tumble Dye” kit for this tutorial. You can buy it on Shop SEI or you can find it at Hobby Lobby! They also sell all the colors individually as well as the glitter.


Tape off the sole of the shoe. When you spray, some may get on the sole of the shoe. (The tape does not stick very well! But I found duct tape works the best!) It comes off with a bit of acetone, but it is easier to prevent! Even though people won’t see the inside of your shoe, you may want to tape off the inside as well. I layered it with a paper towel just to be safe.

Decide how much you want to Tie Dye on the front of the shoe. (Keep in mind, if you want the Tie Dye effect leave a little bit of room for the colors to “run”.) Cover the rest of the shoe with a paper towel and hold it in place. (If you have an extra person have them hold the paper towel) Using your other hand, spray the toe of the shoe with your Red Tumble Dye until you have reached the darkness that you want. (I suggest giving a test spray away from the shoe. This gets and splatters and globs out of the way.) Allow the a little time to soak in and dry before moving on to the blue.


Repeat the steps above for the heel of the shoe. Covering the whole shoe with paper towel before continuing with blue. (Use a clean paper towel each time to prevent any color transfer)


You may have already achieved the “Tie Dye” look you want, but if you want it to run a little more, use a medicine dropper or drip water from the tip of your finger onto the edge of color. (Use very small amounts at a time). Allow it to run a little before adding more water(A little water goes a long way!). Do this until you have your desired look!

tie dye

Once you have the tie dye effect that you want, it’s time to glitter-fy those babies! Lay both shoes out flat with at least 6 inches between them. Give a test squirt of your glittler to get any splatters or globs out of the way. Holding the spray about 6 inches away cover the shoes as much as you want in glitter!!!!


Allow the shoes to dry Completely! I left mine outside for about a half hour on a hot day and that did the trick. Once your shoes are completely dry, heat your iron up to a high heat. Iron the entire shoe! This will set the color! (If you did not use the glitter, feel free to put yours in the dryer. The glitter dye requires a little more heat to set the glitter in place permanently! The iron works great for this!)


For more information on S.E.I. tumble dye or other products visit their website! To get an exclusive 20% off use Promo code Tie Dye when shopping online or in the warehouse (Logan, Utah)




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35 thoughts on “TIE DYE Patriotic Shoes [Using S.E.I Tumble Dye]

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      You can totally order it online Nikki!! Yay! The link is on the post! Not to mention you get 20% for ordering online!!

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Oh Callie, That would be SO cute! Could you PLEASE send me a picture if you do!?!?! I would LOVE LOVE to see them!!!!

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Ooh, Anna they would be so much fun to do in a color that represents where you live! I would LOVE to see them if you do!!!

  1. Ashley says:

    We his did a tie dye activity yesterday with the kiddos at the local youth club! We did t-shirts but shoes would have been especially with glitter!

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Yes! SO FUN! Glitter anything is fun! Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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