Zipadeezip Slumber Sack ||Miracle Product||+ Zippy Giveaway!

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Let me tell you about a product that has completely changed mine and my family’s life!! Ready?? Drum Roll Please…………………...The Zipadeezip Slumber Sack!!!! And I am BEYOND excited to be teaming up with Sleeping Baby for an awesome Zippy giveaway!!! One Lucky Person will win ONE Zippy of their choice!!! (Keep reading for the Giveaway!) Oh my..YES Please! You may be asking yourself, “What is a Zippy?” Well, let me tell you!

“The Zipadee-Zip wearable blanket is loved by sleep experts, doctors, pediatricians and parents everywhere because it provides a womb-like environment but still allows a baby to have full range of movement so that a baby can roll over and wiggle around safely and freely. Babies can even pick up and put in their pacifier or play with a toy while wearing one! It prevents the risk of hip dysplasia, keeps loose blankets out of the crib and is also safe to be worn while a baby is buckled into a car seat or stroller! It’s also perfect for keeping germs at bay on airplanes, in doctor’s offices and in grocery stores!” 


Amazing, amazing, amazing! Let’s talk about the uses for your Zippy!

  • Sleep – Aids swaddle transition and teaches self-soothing skills!
  • Travel – Encourages sleep and settling on long car or plane rides!
  • Dr. Office Visits – Eliminates tedious clothing changes!
  • Grocery Visits and Plane Rides – Provides a GERM FREE environment!
  • Breastfeeding – Prevents a baby from scratching themselves and momma!
  • Stroller walks or walks/rides in a sling or baby carrier – can be worn while buckled or strapped in!
  • MORE SLEEP! Aids transition to crib off of a swing, or rock and play sleeper and helps sick little ones get rest when they wouldn’t otherwise!

To hear a little bit more about these Zippys, check out these video reviews. Video One// Video Two 

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Now that you know a little bit about the Zipadeezip let me tell you a little story!

My son LOVED to be swaddled!! Well…I’m not sure if he loved it….but it was the only way to get him to sleep! We swaddled him until he started busting out. When he started busting out we tried Velcro swaddles. Which worked great….until he busted out of those too!!! We were at a loss. We started safety pinning his swaddle (Don’t worry- baby safe safety pins) and we even double swaddled him! He broke out of all of it!!! He started waking up 3-5 times a night to be re-swaddled. We had already gone through all of the “Sleep training” and “Crying it out”. He had become a great sleeper! Until he figured out how to get out of his swaddle. I was sleep deprived, cranky, and on the verge of a mental break down!

We did not know what we were going to do without swaddling him! He was just so busy! He needed those little arms contained! Right at the point of a mental break down I heard about this product that was supposed to be a “Miracle Product” the miracle swaddle sack that transitioned babies perfectly! Did it sound too good to be true? Absolutely!! But I was so ready to try anything!


I read reviews, researched and asked around. I never heard a bad word about the Zipadeezip! So I immediately ordered one! The moment it came we put the baby right in it that night. He loved it! He thought it was so funny to be crawling around in a big ol’ sack. That night he only woke up once! He cried for about 5 minutes and fell back asleep. I was in shock. Serious SHOCK! It was a miracle! It took him a few nights to get the hang of the zippy but he loved it! The only thing that frustrated him was not having fingers to grab his binkie. He figured that out after about 2 nights and it was no longer a problem.

A couple days after we got our zippy, to my excitement, the cute family who started Zipadeezip was going to be on one of our favoritee shows! SHARK TANK!!! I was so excited that they were on TV i went and bought 2 more zippys that night. I won’t ruin it for you and tell you if they got a deal or not! I will let you watch their awesome episode for yourself! Find it HERE.  I seriously fell immediately in love with the inventor of the Zipadeezip, Stephanie. She is ADORABLE!! Watch their episode and you will NOT disagree! [Not to mention their customer service is out of this world! I had a problem with one of my zippy shipments and one of them contacted me back personally over facebook to help me work out the problem.]

I am NOT the only one who LOVES their zippy. I hear endless success stories! A friend of mine mentioned that she tried the Zippy after reading it on my first review of the Zipadeezip (Check that out here) So naturally, I wanted to hear all about her experience with the zippy!


“From the time he was born Max loved being swaddled. He would only sleep if he was swaddled tightly and as he got older it eventually became a sleep cue. The second he was swaddled he knew it was time to go to sleep. By the time he was six months old he started to move around a bit. He would roll over in his swaddle and tried to fight it. However, he still wouldn’t go to sleep without the swaddle. We couldn’t win! Then a friend told me about the Zipadee Zip sack and things got so much better. It still works as a sleep cue but he can roll around, move around, clap his hands, and even stand up! Max loves his Zippy sack and so do we!” -Megan Phillips

We have now gone through every zippy there is! I like to call it “The Zippy Through the Ages” We started with the Small ZipaddeZip Slumer sack, graduated to the Medium, and eventually tried out the Large. They are all the same, but each gets bigger (obviously). Once we hit the large I had a slight panic attack! What was I going to do when he grew out of it!! I even cut off the bottom of my Zippy and added more length. It worked well….until his arms got too long!! He LOVED his zippy…what to do what to do? NOT to fear! The Flying Squirrel Pajamas came to save the day!!!

What is the Flying Squirrel Pajama you ask? UM the cutest and coolest PJs ever!!! They have cuffs on the hands and the feet! This means you can keep your child’s hands and tootsies warm and not have to worry! It also helped my son transition out of his Zippy Slumber Sack!  We started folding down the arms and feet slowly to the point where now he doesn’t have the foot or hand covers if we don’t want him to. And he still loves it!


My son is 20 months old and is now wearing the size 2T Flying Squirrel. We recently received the 3T to try out and he LOVES it! I can’t wait to order a few more! They are so roomy and great! I would suggest getting a bigger size if you have the choice!They will wear it for a LONG time and they are totally comfy!

Do I still think my son couldn’t sleep without his Flying Squirrel Pjs? Hm….honestly? He probably could! But here is the kicker! The moment we get his “Dippy Dammies” (Zippy Jammies) out and start putting him in them he starts getting sleepy. It is a PERFECT sleep cue for him.  There are some days that he stays in his zippy all the way through nap because he loves it so much! (We just slap his shoes on and zippy all over town!)

If I haven’t convinced your of the power of the Zippy go and watch some videos HERE  of some other incredible success stories!

NOW!!! FOR THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! THE ZIPPY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!  I am so excited to be hosting a Zippy Giveaway with the Founders of ZipadeeZip! Didn’t win the giveaway? Not to fret my friends! They have given us the exclusive code for $2 off a Zippy with the code “SLEEP” at check out on their website. You can also check out their Facebook page and like them for a chance to win a giveaway that they host monthly! Yahoo!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Not only are Zippys amazing, but, Sleeping Baby is also all about giving back. If you have ready my article on Finn (Finley, The story of a Warrior) you know how dear that little munchkin has become to my heart! To be put on the waiting list to receive an e-mail when the VERY special Finn Zippys are available go HERE. 

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95 thoughts on “Zipadeezip Slumber Sack ||Miracle Product||+ Zippy Giveaway!

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      They are great for all babes!!! Especially the flying squirrels if you are afraid of your toddlers feet and hands getting cold at night.

  1. Meagan says:

    I love this! It’s so cute and looks really soft and comfy. Would be great for the kids we have at our center with sensory issues. I’m excited to share this with them. Our parents will absolutely love it! Great giveaway too!

  2. Kristina says:

    Love our zippys! My daughter is almost 1 and I’ve owned 8 so far. She sees it and she gets sleepy! She’s a self soother and sucks her hands and thankfully by the time the hands are ruined we’ve moved on to the next size up! Just got back from a cross country flight and she seas able to nap both ways in her Zippy!

  3. Courtney says:

    We love the zippy!! What an amazing thing. We love getting a full nights sleep. My little girl gets so happy when we get the zippy out and put it on here for bed. We would love any of the cute girly zippy a. We have a collection going already. 🙂

  4. Ashley M says:

    Ah! I was just up ALL NIGHT RESWADDLING ? I need one of these ASAP because I’m about to lose my mind! Very similar situations, hoping this does the trick.

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Awwwwww you poor mama!!! YES you need on!! BAD! Order one….like yesterday! And then maybe you will win the giveaway and have two 🙂

  5. Krissy says:

    Love our Zipadeezip!!! My son gets so excited to get in his Zipadeezip and go to sleep. It was great for transitioning from a swaddler. He is now about ready for a size medium, so I would love to win an Elovephant (size medium)!

  6. Ashley says:

    We just got a the large firefighter zippy! It is outer favorite print so far. Our baby is a big boy and I would absolutely love to get him the flying squirrel jammies!

  7. Brandy Y. says:

    They have a lot of cute ones for sure, but I LOVE the Anchors Away one. I love nautical things! I also love Finn! He is so adorable and has the happiest smile! You just want to hug him!

  8. Jessica says:

    I’d love a flying squirrel for my little man! We used the original zippy after he busted out of the swaddlers. Now for this upcoming winter I’d love for him to use the flying squirrel.

  9. Sara Unger says:

    I just bought my 7 month old his first zippy (the firefighter one) and he’s worn it for 3 nights now.. It has changed our lives!!! I would recommend it to anyone trying to transition from swaddling. I would love an additional zippy and would chose the Finn zippy!

  10. Melissa says:

    I would love the Finn Zippy!! My mediums are wayyy too small for my chunky 15 month old but we have been holding out for Finn to get the large 🙂

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      I’ve been waiting for the Finn Zippy as well to get my son the next Flying Squirrel! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!

  11. Erin G. says:

    I NEED A FINN ZIPPY!! I found out about this awesome product through Baby Finn’s story. His mom Kelly and I both give back to our children’s hospitals with Share the Lovey in honor of our heart babies. Now my littlest baby is 4 months and having an awful time transitioning from the swaddle. PLEASE!! I hope I win!!!

  12. Sarah Rose Thorstad says:

    We are super Finn-fans in our house, and I’m so glad to be lead to your blog from Finn’s page! Thank you for the giveaway, and for a new blog to follow 😀

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      Sarah, We are HUGE Finn fans too!! 🙂 I am honored to have you as a new follower! Thanks for entering! GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. sasha laletina says:

    I am still figuring out the zippy. My 8 week old sleeps in a zippy at night but still wants to cuddle for day naps.

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      She will get there, Sasha!! She is still itsy bitsy!!! But if you don’t already, maybe have her try sleeping in a swing, bouncer or vibrating chair? Thank you so much for entering! Good Luck!!

    • Momsbagoftricks says:

      The giraffe jungle jam is one of my favorites!!! And the Finn one is my all time favorite! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and entering! Good luck!!!

  14. Bethany Hobson says:

    I have been using Zipadeezip for my son since he was 4 months old and he LOVES it! He has been growing out of his medium and has been needing a large for a while now but I have been waiting for the Finn zippy! =)

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